Step 1: Manual Revocation letter

1.  Create a letter on company letterhead containing the following information and signature.
For a printable version (pdf) of the manual revocation letter, refer to

  • The Common Name/Web site address/ used to register
  • Your request and the reason for the revocation:
    * Lost/corrupt/mismatch Private key
    * Password not available
    * Change to server software brand
    * Change to server host/key security
    * Upgrade to key encryption strength
  • Signature of the Technical or Corporate Contact of initial enrollment.

2.  Fax the letter to 1-650-961-8870.  Within 24 hours of receipt of the fax, your Code Signing Digital ID will be revoked.

Step 2:
Replace a Code Signing Certificate

1.  Go to
2.  Verify the status shows Revoked
3.  Click Replace
4.  Ensure to enter the same contact information as the previous certificate
5.  The Challenge Phrase prompt will ask to set a new Challenge Phrase. (The values are case and space sensitive)
6.  Click Accept & Purchase